Why complete a plan?

Why complete a plan?

  • Preparing a business plan provides you with an opportunity to think about what you want your business to achieve.
  • Having a formal business plan encourages you to write down your goals and objectives and document the steps that are necessary for your business to achieve those goals.

Why should you assign goals that are measurable?

Measuring performance is an effective way of assessing whether the actions you have listed in your business plan are going to deliver the goals that you have set yourself.

How often should I review my plan?

In most cases, the measures that are important to your overall business performance (sales, client satisfaction levels, etc) should be reviewed weekly.
These measures must be connected to the goals and objectives in your plan.
Why should I compare the performance measures weekly?
The quicker you can identify performance below the levels you have set yourself, the quicker you can respond to the issues and adjust your action plan.
If you leave your review until the end of the month or year, you have lost an opportunity to respond to changes in the market or conditions.

Why should you contact Jadestone Business Services?

Jadestone Business Services will provide you with a clear process and help you align your reporting with your business plan which will keep you focused and working towards your goals.
We have the experience of working with small business within a large corporate environment and we know that in small business, keeping things simple works best.
By working with Jadestone Business Services you will be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience that large corporations have the resources to employ on a full time basis.